Q: Are single males or females allowed?

A: Yes.  All guests are welcome regardless of gender.  We do not have a policy with regard to single persons or gender ratios.


Q: As a woman, will I be comfortable here?

A: We have many female members and guests, both single and in couples.  Our community is welcoming of and respectful to all people, and we expect the same of all guests.  As a family campground, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Q: Who qualifies as a couple?

A: Any two people, regardless of gender, qualifies as a couple.  Opposite sex and same sex couples both qualify for the couple’s rate.


Q: When do I undress?  Is nudity required?

A: You may undress as soon as you arrive on the property, or wait until after you register. For those who have never tried social nudity before, we understand that you may be nervous or need some time to get adjusted.  While our common areas are nudity required, we welcome you to enjoy the rest of the grounds and our hiking trails to get acclimated in a more private setting.   Once you get out of your clothes, we think you’ll find a wonderful new feeling of freedom.


Q: Can I bring my children?  Is this a good place for families?

A: We are a family campground, and welcome families of all kinds with children.  Our rules are meant to provide a safe and welcoming environment for families. Please see our rules regarding supervision and conduct of children.


Q: What is the crowd like?

A: It varies.  We usually do not have large crowds, except for a few larger events each year.  We are a quiet relaxing place with a strong and welcoming community.  A typical weekend may see two or three dozen people, while our popular events may have attendance of fifty or more.


Q: What about erections?

A: In reality, very few people experience arousal as a response to non-sexual social nudity.  If you should have an issue, be discreet, lay on a towel, or otherwise wait for it to pass.  As always, our rules of acceptable behavior apply, and no overt sexual behavior is tolerated.


Q: I am trans, or do not identify as male or female, will I be welcome here?

A: Yes.  All are welcome here, and we have had visitors from a variety of backgrounds enjoy the grounds and community here.


Q: Are you an adults only or lifestyle campground?

A: No. We are a family nudist campground.  We do no cater to adults only, lifestyle, or swinger events.  Overt sexual activity is not tolerated.  We respect the privacy and personal lifestyles of our guests so long as they follow our rules of conduct, respect other members and guests, and respect public areas.  If you are looking for an adult or sexually oriented environment, please go elsewhere.